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Welcome to Royal Ascot!

Every year in June he dresses up to welcome the Windsors at the opening of Royal Ascot, one of the longest running and most traditional horse competitions in the UK.



The Ascot Express departs from Waterloo Train Station at 10:00 AM and arrives in Ascot at 10:55 AM.

Package includes:

  • Roundtrip train ticket (Ascot Express)

  • Racecard (available on the train)

  • Glass of champagne

  • Entrance into the Queen Anne Enclosure. Here you will be in the heart of the day's activity, close to the runners and riders in the Pre-Parade and Parade Ring. In the gardens and terraces of the Queen Anne venue you can enjoy perfect views of the races, as well as numerous food, drink and betting facilities. The grandstand offers seating, restaurants and bars galore.


We offer you optionally:

  • Private transportation from and to the airport

  • Accommodation in a carefully selected, centrally located boutique hotel or apartment

  • City tours, show ticket booking, restaurant reservations, etc.

, then to consult. We love races tell us which one you want to come to


It is advisable to book tickets before February


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