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Experience the history of the Tudor dynasty in all its facets from the hotel

Our expert Tudor guide will take you from Saint James, to Parliament. The Tower of London and its Hampton Court palace and the beauty of Greenwich Shall we talk?


Churchill & Spies

Experience the history from the Hotel of the Spies of World War II, we will visit the places where Sir Winston Churchill forged his strategies

Our expert guide will take you from Saint James, to Parliament, the war chamber, the war museum

and the palace where Blenheim was born, shall we talk?

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The Windsors

The WINDSOR family, from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth through Diana of Wales

London is full of its little stories Buckingham palace, Kensington palace, tea afternoons, and what better way to sleep where the scones were born.

an afternoon in Windsor and visit their airfield, do we talk?

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Windsor & Tea

This castle has more than 900 years of history and began when King William I the Conqueror ordered it to be built. Since then, up to 39 monarchs have lived there. Now, Queen Elizabeth II spends many of her private weekends at the castle. It is located in Windsor, belonging to the county of Berkshire, one hour from London.

It is an essential visit and nothing better than ending this visit with a typical Brithis Tea in one of the mansions in the area.

It will surprise you!

When you are tired of London, you are tired of life; in London there is everything that life has to offer.

- Samuel Johnson

Hipsters & Art

"the Atypical"

Artists, newcomers to the city and students make Peckham one of the coolest neighborhoods in London: bars, shops and a lot of animation at any time of the day are its main hallmarks. Pure London DNA! Experience it first hand in the Bussey Building, an old factory, where you can have a drink or take yoga classes, while the artists work in their workshops; have a drink at the most secret roof bar in London, Frank's Café , on the roof of an old car park; shares Sunday shopping with locals at Peckham Farmers' Market; or browse the vintage treasures of Threads (186 Bellenden Road). You will be one more inhabitant of Peckham!


Notting Hill "typical"

Notting Hill is a vibrant and modern neighborhood. Relaxed cafes follow one another on the bohemian Portobello Road, a street famous for its bustling flea market of antiques and vintage clothing. Those who go to the Electric Cinema can enjoy the film in comfortable armchairs. Fine dining restaurants, brunch venues and upscale boutiques are clustered around Westbourne Grove. Every year thousands of people celebrate the Notting Hill Carnival.


the City of London

"the Atypical"

The City is a strange area. To begin with, it is a county, the smallest in the United Kingdom. It has its own mayor, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, who is not the mayor of London and who works, bitch, in an office larger than his.

It also has its own police force, independent from that of the city. All for an area of 2.6 square kilometers (the famous mile) whose limit is in the middle of the River Thames; in the middle, not on the shore


Westminster "typical"

Westminster is the busy government area near Buckingham Palace. Tourists visit the monuments of Trafalgar Square and the changing of the guard at Horse Guards Parade. Politicians flock to the crowded pubs of Whitehall. In the Houses of Parliament along the River Thames, Big Ben's bell rings in its iconic clock tower. Historical figures are buried in medieval Westminster Abbey


"Tell us what places you want to visit"

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