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Scotland is wonderful because of its stunning landscape, rich history, vibrant culture and the hospitality of its people. Its stunning landscapes, such as majestic mountains and picturesque lakes, are iconic, including places such as Loch Ness, Glencoe and the Isle of Skye. Scottish history, from the clans to the wars of independence, is fascinating, as is its unique culture, which encompasses traditional music, such as the bagpipes, and distinctive clothing, such as the kilt.


In Scotland, you will find a variety of accommodation options ranging from luxurious hotels to cozy boutique hotels to its enchanted castles. Here is an overview of the types of accommodations we use:

  • Hotels: In the largest cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow you will find luxury hotels, international chains 

  • Boutique Hotels: Some Scottish cities have boutique hotels that offer a more intimate atmosphere and unique design.

  • Castle Accommodation: Scotland is known for its castles. These offer a unique experience 

Road Trip
  • Highlights include tours of magnificent castles, the spectacular Route 500 that takes you through impressive landscapes, remote beaches and picturesque coastal towns in the highlands. Hiking in Glencoe allows you to explore a majestic valley known for its wild beauty. Enjoy panoramic views and the unique atmosphere of Loch Ness, famous for the legend of Nessie. The Whiskey Route takes you to famous distilleries, while walking around the Isle of Skye reveals dramatic landscapes such as the Cuillin Hills and Fairy Pools. The Outer Hebrides offer exceptional birdwatching opportunities, with rich wildlife. .

Fort William.jpg

In Scotland, traditions are essential to its rich culture. Scottish music stands out, especially with bagpipes, and traditional dances such as the ceilidh. The kilt and plaid are distinctive symbols of Scottish dress. Whiskey distillation is a deep-rooted tradition. Furthermore, Scotland is steeped in tales and legends. Some clans hold special ceremonies to commemorate their history and keep the connection to their roots alive. These traditions reflect Scotland's unique identity, appreciated by locals and visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the country's rich culture.

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